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Jacksonville City Locksmith Jacksonville, FL 904-531-3187Modern day thieves and vandals have little trouble with opening most home doors. In fact, studies tell us that in over 40% of all property theft cases, thieves used the front door to gain access to the property! If you want to keep your family and possessions safe, it’s a good idea to get locks that can withstand even the most determined of intruders. Our home security locksmiths can set you up with the most advanced locks in the market. Not only will they prove to be significant deterrents for intruders, but they won’t cost you a lot either. Jacksonville City Locksmith has been operating a 24-hour mobile locksmith service in Jacksonville, FL for close to a decade now and has helped countless home owners with their security during that time.

Top grade locks

Our home security locksmiths can set you up with the most high security locks available in the market, both electronic and mechanical. The American Locking Standards Institute (ALSI) has classified locks in 3 grades, based on how secure they are. Grade 1 locks are very hard to manipulate and are the most secure locks you can get, which we recommend you get installed on your external facing doors. Grade 2 and 3 locks are less secure and are suitable for indoor use.

High security keys

Many locksmiths and disreputable security agencies sell key blanks to popular locks, online and in the real world. These key blanks let thieves make short work of locks. However, some locks have keys that are very difficult to duplicate, without the right equipment. Our home security locksmith  service can get you locks with high security keys at affordable prices.

Free consultations

Don’t know which locks would best suit your home? Don’t worry, just call us! We offer free consultations for home owners in the local regions. Our home security locksmiths can go over your property, identify security vulnerabilities, and give you expert recommendations on how best to patch them up.

24-hour service for homes

Being 24-hour mobile locksmiths, we can install high security locks for you around the clock, at very affordable prices. Our locksmiths can install new locks for your doors, windows, garage doors, and mailbox in a short span of time. You can hire us to work overnight too, so that we don’t interrupt your regular schedule.

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